Fluvi Wallet, Web3 Gateway For Everyone.

Feb 20, 2023

Executive Summary

Fluvi Wallet is a full-featured smart wallet based on Account Abstraction that aims to become a Web3 gateway for everyone by solving the security, convenience, and scalability issues that existing EOA-based wallets have.

Novel features to totally redesign the wallet experience, leveraging the features of Account Abstraction:

  • Multi-Device / Multi-chain / Multi-wallet synchronization without private keys in one step, which were impossible before. Using Fluvi's unique POA(Proof Of Authority) keychain system for smooth synchronization.

  • Added security layer through on-chain 2-factor authentication

  • Seedless recovery, not a social recovery, but through pre-designated passwords that are verified on-chain, non-custodially

  • Transaction cart to make DeFi experience smooth and save gas cost

  • Gasless transaction through cross chain

  • Open App Store (’Fluvi Routine’), a marketplace for the contract interfaces as add-on

  • Transaction simulator & Explainer tailored for the contract wallet

  • Many more features for heavy DeFi/NFT users, such as the burner wallet

We are not trying to be an “enhanced version of Metamask.” We are making a new gateway to Web3 that everyone could use, from beginners to very experts.

Our Team

Team has accumulated a lot of diverse experience in the industry over the years.

  • 5 members consist of 3 developers, 1 designer, and 1 business operator

  • 2022 BNB Chain Innovation Hackathon Winner (1st place, DeFi track) / 2022 Hanhwa Dreamplus Blockchain Hackathon Winner (2nd place, track agnostic) / 2023 APTOS World Tour Hackathon Winner(2nd place, DeFi track)

  • Proven teamwork and competence for years

  • Always achieved alpha with unique features in our products and never copied

  • Has overcome various crises and fierce competition with strong flexibility and creative problem-solving abilities

  • Members with the most avid DeFi degens and experts on how to best create a wallet for target customers


  • The first fundraising and previously self-funded

  • Pre-seed funding round targeting $1M in SAFE + token warrants

  • To hire talented staff ; developers, community managers, BDs, etc.

  • For fast development and developing mobile apps simultaneously

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